Tax Services

Nokaaf’s Tax Services in the UAE encapsulate a suite of solutions designed to navigate the intricate taxation landscape for businesses. Their Accounting & Bookkeeping services stand out as a cornerstone, renowned for their proficiency in handling accounting outsourcing for companies in the UAE. This expertise extends to Updating Backlogs & Records, showcasing their capability as a premier firm adept at maintaining and streamlining financial records for businesses in Dubai and across the Emirates.

Tax Services in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Moreover, Nokaaf’s Tax Consultancy services offer a comprehensive approach to addressing the challenges posed by Value Added Tax (VAT). Their VAT and Tax Consultancy suite provides businesses with tailored strategies and assurance, ensuring compliance and effective management of tax-related matters in accordance with UAE regulations.

Nokaaf’s suite further encompasses Transaction Advisory, CFO Services, and Business Valuation, all integral components aiding businesses in seizing opportunities, minimizing risks, and determining the economic worth of enterprises. Their expertise in Budgeting and Forecasting assists companies in developing realistic financial plans, crucial for navigating the dynamic economic landscape of the UAE.

The firm’s proficiency extends to strategic evaluations, such as Feasibility Studies and Mergers and Acquisitions, showcasing a holistic approach to assisting businesses in making informed decisions in scenarios involving business expansions, consolidations, or strategic realignments.

In summary, Nokaaf’s Tax Services offer a comprehensive array of solutions tailored to address the intricate tax and financial landscape in the UAE. Their expertise spans from accounting, VAT consultancy, and CFO services to strategic assessments like feasibility studies and mergers and acquisitions, assisting businesses in making informed and strategic financial decisions within the dynamic UAE economy.


Accouting & Book Keeping

We are amongst the most renowned consultancies for accounting outsourcing companies in UAE..

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Business Valuation

Business valuation is a process and a set of procedures used to estimate the economic value of a business,

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Transaction advisory

We help businesses and their management exploit opportunities in the growing economy and help them in minimizing risk..

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VAT and Tax Consultancy

Nokaaf offers a comprehensive suite of services to approach the Value Added Tax (VAT) challenge, which assures ..

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Updating Backlogs & Records

Nokaaf is the best accounting and auditing firm that provides services for updating backlog accounts in Dubai, UAE

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CFO Services

Nokaaf provides outsourced or interim CFO services to SMEs and larger organizations in Dubai and elsewhere in the UAE

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Budgeting and Forecasting

Nokaaf helps any size of company develop realistic and flexible budgets and forecasts. We firmly work with our business..

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Feasibility Study

At Nokaaf, our team of feasibility consultants considers all the key parameters while assessing the situation.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

When it comes to selling a business, a successful strategy requires active portfolio management and a well-planned. .

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