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Liquidation Audit Services

When a Company ceases its operations, all the assets of the company are distributed to the Shareholders of the Company after the settlement of dues to creditors and lenders. However, there is much more to the company liquidation process. The regulations are in place to assure all parties involved are treated equitably and a party does not benefit at the expense of others involved.

Auditing Firms holding official certification from UAE financial authorities are approved for liquidation audit in the mainland and within the Free Zones. Authorities for each Free Zone also approve the Audit Firms to conduct financial and liquidation audits for companies in the respective Free Zones.

Nokaaf is approved by DED and all the Free Zones of UAE to conduct the liquidation audit. As a Company’s liquidation is completed, a post liquidation audit may be performed to verify all assets were valued and distributed properly. This post liquidation audit report will help creditors understand what occurred and how the funds (if any) they received from the liquidation were calculated. This report will reduce the chances that a creditor might question the liquidator’s actions.

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