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One of the Leading Audit Firms in Dubai – Nokaaf’s array of Audit Services encompasses a diverse spectrum of assessments crucial for businesses navigating the regulatory landscape in the Emirates. The Statutory Audit, a legally mandated evaluation, forms the cornerstone of financial position assessments for businesses. It ensures compliance with regulatory requirements while offering a comprehensive view of a company’s financial health.

The VAT Compliance Audit service provided by Nokaaf is instrumental in assisting businesses with VAT compliance, meticulously collecting necessary data as per the client’s specific business requirements. Moreover, their expertise extends to specialized audits such as RERA Audit, ensuring compliance with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority’s annual audit requirements for registered real estate projects in the UAE.

Audit Services in UAE

Nokaaf’s expertise in Information System Audit proves pivotal, offering assurances to decision-makers regarding the accuracy and reliability of data extracted from existing systems. Additionally, they specialize in audits essential for specific industries, like the Sales Audit required for retail businesses, ensuring compliance with UAE’s regulations regarding annual gross turnover statements.

Auditing Services in UAE

The range of audit services extends further to encompass Forensic Audit, Free Zone Audit, Internal Audit, Financial Controls Audit, and Liquidation Audit, each tailored to address specific needs and regulatory requirements. Furthermore, their offerings include specialized audits such as Risk Assurance and Shari’a Compliance Audit, emphasizing the importance of meticulous evaluation and examination of policies and operations to ensure adherence to Shariah principles in business operations within the UAE.

In essence, Nokaaf’s Audit Services in the UAE provide comprehensive, specialized, and compliance-driven assessments essential for businesses operating in diverse sectors, offering expert evaluations that ensure adherence to legal, financial, and regulatory frameworks within the Emirates.


Statutory Audit

A statutory audit is a lawfully required audit that needs to be performed to evaluate the business financial position…

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VAT Compliance Audit

Nokaaf can help in business in UAE in the vat compliance by collecting all the required data as per client business requirements documents.

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RERA Audit

RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) required an annual audit of registered Real Estate projects in the United Arab Emirates.

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Information System Audit

An information system audit is mandatory for every business to assure decision-makers that the information extracted from the existing system…

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Sales Audit

Retail businesses in UAE must submit an annual gross turnover statement audited by an approved auditor in UAE..

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Forensic Audit

Forensic auditing services involves a detailed evaluation of reports and documents to capture and derive evidence against the Crime..

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Free zone Audit

Free zones have specific laws, rules, and regulations of tax, operations, imports, and several others that are individually composed..

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Internal Audit

Internal auditing gives a complete insight into the functioning of a firm with an objective evaluation of the…

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Financial Controls Audit

Financial controls remain the most critical part of the internal control and auditing function for any organization.

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Liquidation Audit

When a Company ceases its operations, all the assets of the company are distributed to the Shareholders of the Company…

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Risk Assurance

The importance of business planning and precise risk management expands rapidly due to current uncertainty and unstable ….

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Shari'a Compliance Audit

Shariah Audit refers to the entire process of fair crucial evaluation and examination of all the policies and operations of an organization

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