Advisory Services

Under the umbrella of Advisory Services, Nokaaf offers a diverse range of solutions tailored to support businesses in Dubai and across the Emirates. Their Diligence Services stand out, providing comprehensive assessments of businesses within these regions. This service aids in evaluating ventures, offering invaluable insights for informed decision-making, particularly crucial in dynamic markets like Dubai’s.

Moreover, Nokaaf’s VAT-POS system is a game-changer for businesses navigating the complexities of VAT compliance. With exclusive VAT-enabled POS software, seamlessly integrated with inventory and accounting, it streamlines operations while ensuring adherence to taxation regulations. The ERP Implementation service provided by Nokaaf is equally commendable, offering a fusion of technological prowess and business acumen. Their consultants adeptly blend these aspects to efficiently deploy Enterprise Resource Planning systems, optimizing businesses for success.

Additionally, Nokaaf’s suite includes specialized software solutions like Risk Management, Compliance Task Management, Anti-Money Laundering, and Financial Accounting. These tools fortify businesses against potential risks, streamline compliance processes, safeguard against financial crimes, and ensure meticulous accounting following Dubai’s VAT applications. Moreover, their ERP Training and Construction ERP services underscore the importance of adapting to dynamic market conditions, emphasizing precise planning and risk management in uncertain environments.

In essence, Nokaaf’s Advisory Services present a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to empower businesses in Dubai and the wider Emirates, offering expertise in diligence, compliance, risk management, and efficient software implementation across diverse sectors.


Diligence Services

Nokaaf due Diligence Services can help you to assess businesses in Dubai and across other emirates

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VAT Compliant POS

Nokaaf provide you with an exclusive VAT enabled POS Software and integrated POS with Inventory and Accounting

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ERP Implementation

Nokaaf  ERP consultants have both a technology and business background and they combine those to efficiently

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Risk Management Software

Management of risks is most important for businesses as it can have adverse effects on even successful businesses.

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Compliance Software

Corporate Legal Compliance Management Software is another unique software that helps Corporate monitor..

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Anti-Money Laundering Software

That profile also makes Dubai an attractive target for financial criminals seeking to exploit the city-state’s concentration..

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Accounting Software

Recently, Dubai was imposed with VAT applications. Since then, it has become more than necessary to have a proper accounting..

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ERP Training

Whether you’re interested in learning how to use specific ERP software like SAP ERP or simply want a broad …

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Construction ERP

The importance of business planning and precise risk management expands rapidly due to current uncertainty and unstable ….

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