Cyber Security Management

Cyber security management

The risks related to the cyber world are changing continuously. The most effective way to tackle them is to constantly monitor them by adopting a risk-based approach. An approach that is unique for each organization depending on the organization-specific risks. Thereby avoiding the time on general risks. First, the risks are prioritized, and then the security systems are adapted to tackle those risks.

This process involves the following steps:

  • Find out vulnerabilities in the system of the organization and the risk associated with them. Thereby identifying the threats to organization cyber security.
  • Find out the severity and impact of the risk associated with the organization cyber system.
  • Evaluate the risk to determine whether the risk is at an acceptable level.
  • There are four responses to risk, treat the risk by implementing security controls, accept the risk, terminate the activity causing the risk and last one is transferring the risk by outsourcing or taking out insurance.
  • Monitoring activity is at the heart of the cyber security system. Review the system to check that the risks have changed due to evolving nature of the IT system and to adopt to these changed risks.

Cyber security is not only the responsibility of the IT department only but every employee in the organization must take the responsibility for it. Especially every department head must ensure that the policies prepared by the specialists are implemented.


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